project for a sustainable self-build house


total area: 40 m2

year: 2010

project for a sustainable self-build house, NMBA

When a new construction is placed on a landscape, it transforms the way we perceive our territory. In other words, we can understand it as a part of the landscape itself through the definition of new sensorial, physical and intellectual relations between them. The cottage, as a built object in the landscape, takes, redraws and interprets the values of the territory by using a perforated skin that frames parts of the environment, bringing the landscape inside. As part of that mimicry with the environment, the construction process of the cottage minimizes the effects on the territory. The cottage is composed by prefabricated self-supporting units which can easily be carried and assembled on site without needing specialized machinery. Each of these units is composed by several detached flat pieces in order to reduce the time, emissions and waste produced in a conventional work.
The cottage is self-sufficient and makes an efficient use of the natural resources. Specifically, it recycles rainwater and grey water for non drinking uses, gets hot water by using passive solar thermic energy and electricity by composting. A tank of drinking water complements the system.

ground floor and roof, cottage, NMBA

inner view 1, cottage, NMBAinner view 2, cottage, NMBA