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End of the city. Alcobendas (Madrid)

end of the city


The limit of a city is a cultural and social construction: the city tends to grow over the agricultural land, but in western cities this process is not because of the need for housing but an economic process that transforms the lands into a consumer good. This agricultural land lacks a special protection but in return it provides food and resources to the society, and it’s part of the cities’ success. Is it possible to harmonize the urban growth and the preservation of the agricultural land?

Salburua wetlands, Vitoria-Gasteiz Green Belt

green infrastructure in the city


Just like urban infrastructures provide with basic services to the city -water, sewerage, electricity or gas supplies, for instance-, the urban green areas -if they are well proportioned, regularly laid out and interconnected in the territory- could provide with ecosystem services for a better quality of life of the citizens. How is a green infrastructure?