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Guinigi Tower, Lucca, Italia.

How sustainable is a tree on a roof?


Urban trees provide a lot of positive things in urban environments: they increase the biodiversity; clear the air up by fixing solid particles in suspension and CO2 and releasing O2; retain the ground and prevent the erosion of soils; and protect the pedestrians from the wind and sun. They are also a meeting point: people have traditionally met under a tree to talk, discuss, legislate, judge or trade. A popular recent trend is including trees in buildings as a way to make them more sustainable. Even on roofs. But, how sustainable is a tree on a roof?

End of the city. Alcobendas (Madrid)

end of the city


The limit of a city is a cultural and social construction: the city tends to grow over the agricultural land, but in western cities this process is not because of the need for housing but an economic process that transforms the lands into a consumer good. This agricultural land lacks a special protection but in return it provides food and resources to the society, and it’s part of the cities’ success. Is it possible to harmonize the urban growth and the preservation of the agricultural land?

Vitoria-Gasteiz, European Green Capital 2012

how green are our cities?


A green urban area offers lots of benefits to the citizens: it is a space for leisure, walking or sport which reinforces the knowledge of our environment, the social cohesion and the sentiment of identity and belonging. Besides, it is a strong tool against the pollution. But, is it required anything else to consider a city as a green city?